Month: February 2016

Tips to Get the Best Homeowners Insurance Coverage In Texas

Home owners insurance in Texas is designed to cover for perils such as fire, theft, hail, windstorms, lightning and other threats. Homeowner’s insurance policies differ widely depending on your insurance coverage. The concern of every homeowner is to get comprehensive coverage at an affordable rate. Here are tips to help you get the best homeowners insurance coverage in Texas.

Shop around

There are many homeowner’s insurance providers in Texas. In some cases, the price difference can be hundreds of dollars. This is why it is important to conduct a price comparison. There are also websites dedicated to comparing insurance prices. These can help you get the average cost of homeowners insurance. Once you have identified several providers, you can ask them for quotes based on your needs.

Raise the deductible

A deductible is an amount that the insurance company expects you to pay before they step in to cover your claim. A higher deductible attracts lower premiums. In Texas, most insurance companies recommend a deductible of about $500. If you raise this amount to $1,000, then you stand to make savings of up to 25 percent on your premium payments. If you live in an area prone to thunderstorms or wind storms, the insurance may have a separate deductible amount to cover such perils.

Bundle up your auto insurance with homeowners insurance

If you take up your auto insurance and homeowners insurance from the same company, then you stand to save up to 15 percent on your premiums. Homeowner’s insurance providers in Texas reward loyalty. However, ensure that the combined price is lower than taking out two policies from different providers. You can also negotiate with the insurance providers. Insurance quotes are not cast in stone.

Improve your home’s disaster resistance

Making your home more disaster resistant can reduce your premium payments. You can talk to your insurance agent to find out the measures you can take to secure your home from disasters. You can get reduced rates by investing in storm shutters, using better roofing materials and reinforcing your home to reduce structural damage. Older homeowners can also consider modernizing their plumbing, heating and electrical systems to lower the risk of water or fire damage. The insurance company will advise you on the relevant improvements you can make. Any saving is welcome in these tough economic times.

Upgrade your home security

Upgrading your home security will attract discounts on your policy payments. Discounts can be given to home owners who install home detectors, dead-bolt locks, and burglar alarms. There are insurance companies that can give up to 15 percent discount, if your fire or burglar alarm rings at the fire station or the police station. While these systems are not cheap, you stand to gain more through the discounts. It is wise to compute the savings you stand to gain and measure the costs against the security devices costs. The insurance company will also advise you on the best security installation based on the crime rate in your locality.

Inquire about additional discounts

Homeowner’s insurance providers do not list all their discounts in their advertisements. There are certain discounts that you can only get if you ask. For instance, retired people or people who work at home can get a discount because on the reduced theft risk. These people are also able to spot and react to a fire threat faster than a person who is at work elsewhere. This is just one of the discounts that you can qualify for. It is best to ask and negotiate for discounts that you may deem fit for your situation.

The above key pointers can help you get the best and most affordable homeowner’s insurance cover in Texas.